Prekindergarten In Manhattan

With a curriculum that incorporates G&T concepts and enrichment programs, the elite Lower East Side preschool prepares students for admissions into the city’s best schools.

New York City is home to hundreds of preschools, but choosing the right one can be fraught with anxiety for families. It’s a decision that not only affects children’s early development, but their entire future may be affected by whether they had an opportunity to fall in love with learning and develop individual creativity.

When searching for a preschool, many Manhattan parents look for something fun that can also keep their kids engaged and stimulated, which sets them up for success.

“We didn’t want our child to feel like learning was a burden and wanted it to be fun for her,” said Elie Chiha, whose daughter attends Evolution Enrichment Preschool, a school for 2 to 5-year olds that offers an innovative and forward-thinking approach to early learning that ensures a smooth transition of their pre-K graduates to kindergarten. With the high quality of early education, the school is aiming to attract families throughout Lower Manhattan.

The preschool’s mission is to develop well-rounded children who will succeed in school and in life. Starting the preschool experience at age 2 — with plenty of time built into the schedule for meaningful play and exploration — sets each child on a path to success where learning is enjoyed and makes a difference.

“Through observation of our preschoolers, we noticed that the later they get enrolled in our preschool, the more they are starting a little behind,” said Milana Shabekova, the school’s education director. “The earlier toddlers are exposed to a preschool environment, the better their chances are at succeeding in and out of the classroom. Socialization and the social-emotional development of the child begin at age 2. We focus on increasing their attention span, expanding their vocabulary, expressive and receptive language and improving their fine and gross motor skills.”

The center believes in nourishing the mind by integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) into the curriculum, while also blending in components of different world-class philosophies like Reggio Emilia and Montessori that have proven effective for the core development of children.

Located on the Lower East Side, the private preschool has integrated creative movement, dance, yoga, music, art, cooking and healthy eating in its curriculum for 2-4 year olds. A key component that differentiates Evolution Enrichment Preschool is that certain concepts of G&T (Gifted & Talented) program are integrated across its preschool curriculum, which allows children as young as 3-years old to build fundamental academic skills, such as classification, sorting, comprehension, building expanded vocabulary and following 2-to-3 step directions. Evolution Enrichment Center is planning to open a private program for 4-year olds with a curriculum that will be focused on challenging accelerated learners to ease them into further individual exploration beyond any borders.

In addition to the school’s academic approach and the integration of STEAM and G&T into its curriculum and enrichment programs, parent participation is an integral part of the school’s success. The approach is critical for helping children gain admission to the city’s top kindergartens. The school also offers a separate G&T test prep program to help children successfully pass the test, which is given every January.

“In New York City, there are a lot of choices for daycare, but how many are actually concerned about your child’s path to success starting at such a young age?” Chiha said. “The school has also incorporated into the learning process the concepts of Gifted & Talented program and this is invaluable to us as our child spends more time in school than she does at home with us. Our daughter is thriving and continues to grow both academically and socially as she is exposed to a wide range of experiences at the school.”

Evolution Enrichment Preschool is expanding and currently enrolling students in their new 2s and 3s classrooms. Its 15,000 sq. ft. facility, with bright, spacious classrooms, fitness gyms and a private outdoor playground, is home to a range of enrichment and afterschool programs taught by professional practitioners. It welcomes students five days a week between 8-3 pm, but parents have the option to enroll their children in the extended-day program from 3-6 pm.

“The early childhood years are some of the most important in the life for children as they start on the road to learning. Starting preschool for the first time is a big decision and a huge step for both parents and children” said Elena Alexeeva, executive director at Evolution Enrichment Center.  “New York offers a plethora of childcare choices and after-school activities, but we believe our academic, community-based approach paired with strong international experience and stellar professional staff help us stand out among other schools in Lower Manhattan.”

For more information call 212-375-9500 or email Visit Evolution Enrichment Center’s website.

By Elissa Bass, DNAinfo Creative