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Our engaging and stimulating programs foster the creativity, curiosity and advanced thinking of all of our students. Be sure to browse our Signature Program Schedule for proven favorites and unique class offerings created by experienced and highly qualified educators. The formative years are the best time to instill habits and best practices for learning, and we are committed to helping your child meet these goals while he or she is under our care.

Why Evolution Enrichment Center?

At Evolution Enrichment Center, we believe in taking a holistic approach to childcare and education. We also pride ourselves in doing our part in helping your children develop as well-rounded individuals and succeed.    We offer a variety of classes for the Mind, for the Body and for the Heart,   all with your child’s personal developmental goals in mind.

Evolution Enrichment Center provides an exceptional value to families in Lower Manhattan. With more than 15,000 square feet of space, our program is rapidly growing  reputation as one of the most progressive preschool centers in NYC. If you are looking for an excellent preschool for ages 2 – 5, smaller class sizes with low student-to-teacher ratios, warm and caring atmosphere with teachers having decades of combined experience in early childhood education, Evolution Enrichment is the right preschool choice for your child.

What’s more, at Evolution Enrichment, we take your child’s educational development as serious as you do. And the results clearly show through unanimously positive parent’s reviews at GreatSchools.org and Facebook page.

Let’s look at just some of the afterschool and enrichment activities offered at Evolution Enrichment Center.

Our Classes

Our engaging programs encourage children to stay active. Small class sizes allow our teachers to provide personal attention to every child.

Our open, airy rooms create a welcoming atmosphere in which children will learn and grow, and a big part of our focus is on encouraging a fit way of life. We offer a variety of activities that promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, such as Creative Movement and Dance, Rhythmic Gymnastics,  and Yoga.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rythmic GymnasticsOur Rhythmic gymnastics classes are divided into two groups: beginners (ages four and up), and intermediate (ages six and up).

As with all our classes,  Rhythmic Gymnastics  is designed to help children flourish into a confident, well-rounded young person. Theses classes are designed with the child in mind and are meant to help participants achieve their own personal goals in a  challenging, rewarding setting. The focus is ultimately on having fun, while being active and staying healthy. That being said, our knowledgeable and friendly instructors are here to help your child feel accomplished, successful, and rewarded by his or her experiences with rhythmic gymnastics.

Our coaches are professionally certified and experienced in providing structured, safe Rhythmic Gymnastics classes. We always work toward helping  children learn and grow, in body as well as in mind, and our Rhythmic Gymnastic classes are designed with those goals in mind.

Gifted and Talented G&T Test Prep Classes

G&T testing is an alternate route that is offered for students who have a greater intellectual level of thinking. We are very pleased to offer G&T test prep classes to help your child prepare for the real test.  Our G&T classes were designed to differentiate all foundational concepts to students all over the NYC area. We offer a variety of class times that become available on various dates throughout the fall. We provide your child with instruction and sample quizzes designed for them do their personal best when taking the G&T. Your child deserves a tutoring program that excels their chances for readiness, and with our team of experts, we can prepare them!


Mandarin Cultural Immersion

During our after school Mandarin Immersion course, the children will be singing, dancing, drawing, and playing games. Children will be able to learn Mandarin through these activities. Good manners are also important, so public etiquette, courtesy as well as public safety and environmental protection will be introduced as part of this program.

The teacher  will provide a safe, warm, and loving environment, when teaching Chinese pictograph and vocabulary, exploring Chinese festivals, reading and reciting poems for children, as well as singing and dancing with them




Chess for Kids (Coming Spring 2017)

course_chessChess is a challenging game (even for us adults, who might be occasionally frustrated by the mentally rewarding game of skill).
Chess is often called the “royal game,” and it is a lot of fun – not to mention a great way to develop certain cognitive skills. Chess is widely thought to be one of the best exercises for the mind, and the skills your child learns playing them game are sure to carry over into other areas of life.

Never played chess? Don’t know what it’s all about?

Here’s a quick look at the rules of the game.

Chess allows two players to play at a time. The game board used in chess is a checkerboard sporting sixty-four squares. Each of the two players starts with sixteen pieces. In chess, there are six types of pieces, as follows:

  1. A king
  2. A queen
  3. A pair of knights
  4. A pair of rooks
  5. A pair of bishops

Each respective type of piece has a limited number of possible “moves” a player can make with, upping the challenge in the game, and sending many players into focused, intense – and oh so fun – head-to-head matches. The idea is to capture the opposing player’s queen in an inescapable move called a checkmate. If you’ve played chess at all, you know that is harder, in reality than it sounds.
Chess is always sure to get the old brain working. What better time to do just that than when the player is young?  You never know, your child may just be playing against you and winning in no time, after a few chess classes at Evolution Enrichment Center! Let us help your child unlock his or her inner chess master!



2s yoga

Family Yoga Classes  in partnership with Karma Kids Yoga.

Parents with babies, toddlers and young children are welcome!





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