In our Pre-K For All program, we encourage students to play, learn, and experiment with everyday tools. We foster the building of relationships between families to promote a universal learning approach at home and school. In our program, children become naturally curious, and begin to wonder about everyday occurrences. With our guidance, our students work together, collaborate, and explore the wonders of learning.

Admission for our UPK program is NOT INCOME BASED. Please call us 212-375-9500 to have your name placed on the wait list.


  • Breakfast (optional): 8:05 – 8:30
  • Lunch: 11:45 – 12:15
  • Snack: 2:00 – 2:30

Meals are set up in a family style, so that children are encouraged to communicate and extend their social skills during meal time.


First day of Pre-K program: September 7, 2017, from 8:30 – 2:50

UPK closings:

  • TBD

We offer childcare services during school closings for an additional fee. More information will be available by the beginning of the school year.

Here are the required documents for enrollment:

We serve balanced and nutritious meals each day.

Income Guidelines Form for families will determine how much reimbursement we will receive from CACFP for meals and snacks.

With Pre-K for All, Opportunity Starts Now

Our Pre-K provides children with meaningful activities that guide children to develop a love for learning. At Evolution Enrichment Center, we draw on three fundamental pillars in our educational approach:

  • Whole- Rounded Child
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Parents Partnership

Pre-K Curriculum

The ultimate goal of the common core standards is to ensure that children have a rich and varied learning experience that will prepare them for readiness and success in their later years of learning.

Our program reflects high standards of the Common Core Curriculum and developmentally appropriate instruction that promotes development of skills in the five learning domains:

  • Approaches to learning
  • Health and fitness
  • Social and emotional development
  • Literacy, language and communication
  • Knowledge of the world (math, science, social studies, arts and technology)

Evolution Enrichment Center offers childcare services under Pre-K contract with Department of Education free of charge to families. One of our primary goals is to develop a community where parents can fully participate in the learning process of their children. Parents Guide provides suggestions of what parents can do at home to reinforce and extend their child’s learning. If questions or concerns arise, teachers will provide answers by email, plus send out daily emails to inform about the day’s classroom activities and what steps parents can take at home to reinforce topics learned. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, with specific tasks being coordinated with the lead teacher.


Afterschool Pre-K Program provides an extension of the curriculum being promoted during Pre-K hours. In addition, we offer multiple enrichment classes that provide our students with a more flexible and easy-going evening. This tuition-based program is an extension is available at a monthly, or semester rate.

Reserve Your Spot on Our Waitlist Today

Please call our learning center for kids 212-375-9500 or reach out to us online.