2’s program


Our 2’s program meets 3 or 5 days per week for Full day or Half day for a smooth transition from home, and incorporates art, gym and music, with a focus on sensory and social development.

Learning and Activity Units

Interactive Play

Students experience independent exploration and social interactions through interactive play at the start of each day.  Educational toys, blocks and manipulatives are displayed thematically to keep expanding upon the each student’s experience.  The materials chosen support fine and gross motor skills, imaginary and construction play, developmentally appropriate letter and number awareness as well as creating a sense of community in each class.

Arts and Crafts

Students are exposed to a variety of art materials, textures, and techniques through a process- oriented art projects.  Teachers guide students to follow the instructions as students are encouraged to complete projects independently. Children learn to handle new art tools; their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills noticeably increase.  Students bring home their unique art projects to share with the families.  This allows students to develop a sense of pride in their creations, fostering confidence and self-esteem.

Creative Movement, Dance and Music

Kids will enjoy movementand a variety of musical styles in a playful environment. They will warm up, dance at the rhythm of different kinds of music (reggae, afro-beat, and samba), play with scarves, ribbons and musical instruments, and explore movement inspired by Capoeira, Yoga, Ballet, African dance, as well as nature, daily life and simple fun!


Our state-of-the-art gym and trained coaches are key elements in the Evolution Preschool experience. It is well known that an active body feeds a growing mind, and we provide daily physical activity as a core part of the curriculum. Students also develop an understanding of rules, teamwork and fair play, building strong values and strong muscles at the same time.


Smart toys and a variety of art supplies are provided in every class as students are introduced to different art mediums. Verbal, social and fine motor skills are developed through imaginative art projects and musical circle time that explores and reflects the world around us.  Sensory learning tools and materials – clay, water bins, artificial snow, and more – are incorporated into the classroom providing each student unique challenges at the individual level.


We take children on a culinary adventure that will entertain them and expand their eating habits.  We believe in whole food, real unprocessed food. Kids will work independently and receive appropriate assistance from teachers as they develop a healthy relationship to food and engage their senses from sight and touch to smell and taste. Eating together builds a sense of community and reinforces good eating habits and table manners.