3’s program


Our 3’s program runs  3 or 5 day per week. The innovative curriculum of this program employs interactive literacy and thematic learning experiences that strengthen social, intellectual and physical skills in every child through language, math, science, social studies, gymnastics, dance, and art lessons.

Teachers promote language and literacy development by introducing stimulating and challenging activities that reinforce letter recognition, phonemic awareness, language comprehension and concepts of print.

Math is taught through block building, puzzles and patterns. Motor skills are reinforced through teacher-led gymnastics, arts, and dance classes. A team of highly qualified educators will introduce a variety of age-appropriate lessons designed to promote a lifelong love of learning.

Curriculum Units

Language Arts

Through theme-based projects, our Language Arts curriculum takes a holistic approach to fundamentals such as letter recognition, phonics, letter writing and sound matching. Communication skills are developed through story interpretation, group discussion and journal work.


A range of developmentally appropriate math concepts are introduced, practiced and improved, both in stand-alone exercises and through other learning units such as Science, Social Studies and Cooking. From numbers, counting and sequencing, to shape and pattern recognition, to measurement and charts, our math program allows for progressive skill building all year long.


Students experiment with a range of art materials, tools and techniques, as they explore hands-on projects with the emphasis on the creative process. As children create art, they are also exposed to the art of big masters, such asPicasso or Monet.

Science & Sensory

Filled with hands-on experiments, our Science curriculum provides students with multiple opportunities to ask questions. Focusing on the natural world around us (water, plants, animals, and weather) adds context and dimensions to these explorations. Deeper understanding of nutrition and recycling stimulate caring for people and for the planet.

Creative Movement, Dance and Music

Kids will enjoy movementand a variety of musical styles in a playful environment. They will warm up, dance at the rhythm of different kinds of music (reggae, afro-beat, and samba), play with scarves, ribbons and musical instruments, and explore movement inspired by Capoeira, Yoga, Ballet, African dance, as well as nature, daily life and simple fun!

Social Skills

Social skills are being developed throughout the entire day. From the fundamental recognition  of feelings, friendship and families, to teamwork, helping others and solving problems, to learning more about each other and the community with an emphasis on developing  social  confidence and proper communication.

Health and Fitness

Our state-of-the-art gym and trained coaches are key elements in the Evolution Preschool experience. It is well known that an active body feeds a growing mind, and we provide daily physical activity as a core part of the curriculum. Students also develop an understanding of rules, teamwork and fair play, building strong values and strong muscles at the same time.


We take children on a culinary adventure that will entertain them and expand their eating habits.  We believe in whole food, real unprocessed food. Kids will work independently and receive appropriate assistance from teachers as they develop a healthy relationship to food and engage their senses from sight and touch to smell and taste. Eating together builds a sense of community and reinforces good eating habits and table manners.